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Frameless facade glazing

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Facade glazing. Full glass facades (frameless glazing) and entrances


Frameless glazing is clear design, is installed without uprights, without a frame, based on aluminum profiles with tempered glass 10-12 mm thick. In some cases, a tempered triplex.


For the glazing of shops and shopping centers using a frameless design with entrances doors or automatic doors. To improve the thermal insulation of all joints treated with a special sealant. This design provides additional lighting in the daytime and gives excellent visibility, light, and transparency of the room, providing such a facade ultra modern look.


Spider glazing

Spider (planar) of glazing dostadochno appeared recently, but they are already calling the future architecture of large cities. Technology such frameless facade glazing is that large sheets of glass are not fastened to the mullion-transom system, and with the help of special stainless steel brackets are hung to the supporting structures of the building. These connecting elements are reminiscent in form of spiders (Eng. Spider), hence the name of the system. Due to lack of frame elements seems a solid wall of glass, increasing the inflow of sunlight, and the room seem more spacious, because the building envelope are less massive.


For Spider glazing can be used various kinds of glass: laminated glass, solar control, energy saving, etc.
Spider glazing can be "cold" - made of tempered glass, or "warm" - from double-glazed windows

ERGO guarantees:

- Careful study of the technical parameters of the facade of the building features the location, wind loads and climatic conditions of operation;
- Development of engineering and architectural design based on actual measurements performed using ultra-precise measuring tools;
- Selection of the optimum type of facade system in accordance with the preliminary technical analysis;
- Creation of an electronic model of the facade, based on the customers approved data and the overall design of a functional concept.
- Providing suggestions and estimates for materials and installation works;
- Manufacturing of elements of facade system with delivery of products directly to the construction site.
- Implementation of construction works based on a long-term experience;
- Supervision during the whole period of the project implementation, as well as warranty service;
- Commissioning of the object within the prescribed period with the signing of the act of acceptance of work performed.

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