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Glass partitions

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Glass partitions are very popular in modern solutions of workplace and public office buildings, shopping and entertainment centers, clubs, hotels, boutiques, showrooms etc. And is a very effective solutions for differentiation of residential space. Glass partitions are an innovative technology that allows solving many design issues. They have an excellent appearance and design, as well as take up very little space because of the rather narrow profile. All-glass partitions made of tempered glass look most impressive when completing their frameless glass doors of fabric that can be swing, sliding or pendulum. And in combination with fittings and accessories mechanisms by leading brands such partition would be an excellent interior solutions for any room.

Partitions can be manufactured as a completely transparent tempered safety glass or frosted, tinted or enamelled glass in various colors. Partially frosted or with printed pictures and logos

The thickness of the tempered glass is used depending on the design and customer requirements may vary from 8 to 12 mm. When using laminated glass or thermopane can reach up to 30 mm

Advantages of glass partitions:

  • - Prestige and unsurpassed appearance of your room or office
  • - Zoned space and adjust the location of the work places
  • - Environmentally friendly
  • - Durability and safety
  • - Optical transparency and lightness
  • - A wide range of configurations and mounting options.
  • - Good sound insulation behind closed doors
  • - A low weight of the structure compared with the walls of other materials

  • Stationary partitions

    Stationary partitions allow you to split a large area of ​​office space into the working area, cabinets or rooms.

    Interior stationary partitions very relevant element of interior, with extensive decorative possibilities.

    Partitions also the perfect solution for redevelopment does not require additional coordination with the project authorities. Fixed glass partitions adjusted to the floor and the ceiling. The main frame structure are steel or aluminum profiles. Stationary partitions have high strength and good sound insulation as completely fill the space from floor to ceiling.

    Sliding partitions

    Sliding glass partitions in the apartment or office significantly save space, as doors open horizontally.

    As stationary partitions, a slide type structure fixed to the floor and ceiling of the room.

    Using the sliding glass interior partitions instead of interior door standard type can significantly increase the area of ​​the room. In addition, we offer high-quality solutions for sliding doors with parking system.

    Curved glass partitions:

    Perfectly conveys all the beauty and originality of design. The design they are identical with stationary decorative partitions, but also have sliding elements. The rounded shape opens a new perception of space and plenty of scope for design. The implementation of such partitions possible by bending of glass and bring him the required radius.

     Partitions based on aluminum profiles

    Partitions made of aluminum profile on the basis of technologies and components such manufacturers as Etem, Raynaers, Alutech, Alumil, Elvial and many other partners whose products ERGO uses for the implementation of architectural projects and design projects for the creation of efficient and sturdy glass constructions. Frame for the partitions can be collected from the harvested items on site, as well as ready-mounted units assembled in our workshop.

    Aluminium partition frames structures can be used with variety of materials : Tempered glass, fiberglass, thermopane , sandwich panels. Thickness 4-8 mm, 16 mm and 24-26 mm.

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