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Glass floors and ceilings

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The glass floor - is always an element of attracting maximum attention.


It can be used in the design and construction of


  • - Residential premises;
  • - Dance floors;
  • - Concert halls and nightclubs.


The glass floor is an impressive element of the podiums or stage, with inside lighting.


The floors are made of glass are highly translucent, it gives a sense of lightness of the whole structure. They have a high resistance to dynamic and static loads. Insertion of the glass can be completely any shape. As square, round so any other. Also, a transparent glass floor can be an unusual decorative element in your home or office.


Under the glass can be installed true "wildlife area". When, deliberate in advance,there can be installed a ventilation under the glass floor, some design work or even animals can be placed underneath. For example, a small landscape of rocks and grass backlit or artificial ponds with running water. Everything depends on the imagination of the designer.


For transparent glass floors and ceilings used laminated glass (triplex) with a thickness of 20 to 40 mm. With proper installation and calculation of the floor, or inserts made of glass, it can easily withstand a load many times greater than the weight of a person. Therefore, in a modern office building in the style of «Hi-tech», tempered glass is used as a floor slabs, thus achieving the visual lightness of the entire structure.

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