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Spider glazing

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Spider-systems represent the next stage in the development of structural facades are designed for point fixing glazing or thermopan. Such a system could serve as the basic glazing, and have only a partition function, becoming the so-called "Second skin" of the building.


Connector (spider) can take many forms, but usually is from one to four hinge element with clamping conical washers, through which are glass segments are fixed. Connectors made of high strength stainless steel and are designed to absorb static and dynamic loads attributable to the facade and transfer them to the supporting structure.




Spiders can be fixed to various supporting structures, depending on the design of the project:


- On existing columns, beams and slabs (reinforced concrete, structural steel or stainless steel, wood)

- On the glass edges of rigidity

- On metallic cable or rods


Often, spider systems are used for glass railings of the staircase, roof glazing, visors, etc., since the application of spider systems are limited only by the scope of architectural projects.




Maximum transparency


Ability to create complex architectural forms.

The system reduces and redistributes the "peak" static and dynamic loads;

Ability selectively replacing glass panels without disassembly of the entire structure.

High life


High resistance to atmospheric agents

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